The 10 Most Terrible LinkedIn Posts of 2022

In the interest of full disclosure, I write on LinkedIn multiple times per week and I read there every day. Most of it is interesting or at least not terrible. But there are some awful posts over there. I’ve gathered the 10 that I find the most terrible from this year. They are in no particular order. Enjoy.

1. I’m so sad I just fired you.

Laying off employees is hard. It’s devastating, in fact. Managers absolutely hate it, but this CEO made the mistake of showing just how sad he was, making it all about him, rather than the employees who just lost their jobs.

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3 thoughts on “The 10 Most Terrible LinkedIn Posts of 2022

    1. I get around that by having a second browser just for Inc. articles – and I clear the cookies whenever I hit the article limit.

    2. I read on mobile and open in new private tab and am able to read the ones on Inc. Though it’s really buggy sometimes, I think in this one I was missing some of the screenshots and not others, plus Inc’s video ad got around my do-not-autoplay.

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