Why Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s 37-Page Guide is Brilliant

Someone in Senator Krysten Sinema’s office leaked a 37-page staffing guide to the Daily BeastWhile they didn’t release all the text to protect their source, article author Sam Brodey says they did verify it.

People think it’s a bit over the top–she has strict instructions for just about everything, including who has to call Verizon if the senator’s home internet fails. Why does she need to have everything spelled out? Why so nit-picky?

While it may seem a bit controlling and like micro-managing to the extreme (“Make sure to always have a room temperature bottle of water for her, whether she is in the office, at call time, or in someone’s car.”), it’s actually brilliant. Here’s why.

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3 thoughts on “Why Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s 37-Page Guide is Brilliant

  1. I think it’s brilliant as well. Also remember this, Sinema is probably one of the 5-10 most visible people in the Senate. She’s isn’t an obscure House member who blends in with the city. A decade ago, someone shot her House colleague in Tucson at a grocery store. Sinema serves with that former Congresswoman’s husband. Limited her exposure outside of her work duties is paramount in this climate.

  2. Wait until some of these folks work for the opposite type of boss. Half of the resistance methinks, is an inability to follow directions.

    Just when I think I have seen it all, I will be astounded by a situation that occurred when someone was given a clear set of directions, failed to follow them, then was shocked at the result and the reaction.

    I find it so bizarre the hackles that rise at the idea of clear expectations for a position. I myself have not always followed directions to the letter, but when I do go rogue, I do it with the understanding that I will have to explain myself.

    When the goal posts are constantly moving, and people are blamed for using their discretion and inevitably thrown under the bus by a wishy-washy boss… Yeah.

    Sorry but there are way worse bosses and boss-ly crimes. Those complaining don’t know how bad it can be.

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