5 Interview Answers That Hiring Managers Don’t Like, But Should at Least Appreciate

The other day, I posted on Twitter about a job interview I had had when I was straight out of graduate school. The back story is I had a master’s degree in political science and I was living in Rochester, New York–that’s a five-and-a-half-hour drive to New York City.

No one in Rochester had “help wanted, Political Scientist needed” signs out, so I was applying to anything and everything that I could possibly do. A law firm invited me in for an interview. Being this was 1998, I had applied based on a small description in the help wanted ads in the local paper, and I didn’t know much about the job.

As the interviewers explained the job, which was to gather banking records and organize them, I blurted out, “This sounds really boring.”

Now, I dare say, they made the correct decision not to move forward with my candidacy. I was a terrible fit for the job. But several other people have been honest in their job interviews, and they should have gotten the job. Here are some examples and why they said the right thing.

The terrible interview process

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