Today: ChatGPT an Introduction for HR Pros

Today at 12:00 Eastern,

11:00 Central

10:00 Mountain

9:00 Pacific

Last chance to register!

If you’d like to learn more, join me at this webinar, ChatGPT: An Introduction for HR Pros, brought to you by Conquer HR and Evil HR Lady.

Evil HR Lady readers can receive a 50 percent discount by entering the code EvilHRLady

You can click the picture or here to register: ChatGPT: An Introduction for HR Pros

I look forward to having you there!

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2 thoughts on “Today: ChatGPT an Introduction for HR Pros

  1. Hi- super interested in the topic, but will the webinar be recorded and shared? I have a mtg time conflict.

    Many thanks!
    Steph Baker – IKEA

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