Competitive Salaries

by Evil HR Lady on January 7, 2008

I read this post about “Competitive Salaries” for OB-GYNs.

2. “Competitive salary” is an evasive phrase used by employers that have not yet decided what they want to pay. They prefer to see what the candidates expect and then negotiate down from there.

3. “Competitive salary” is used by employers who want to take advantage of you. They are hiding the fact that their salary is below average. Sure it competes, but on the loosing end. They will only tell you after long talks, and after they feel that they have you on the hook, how little they really want to pay.

I have to say I agree–and not just for physicians. Okay, it’s a bit on the cynical side, but that suits me.

I know, I know, he who talks pay first loses, and companies don’t want to talk pay in their ads because then they lose. Except that I will only apply for jobs in a certain salary range, so you are saving time and money in being honest up front. Seriously. You are.

Usually when “competitive salary” is listed in the job description, the description also asks for you to submit your salary requirements. Bah! You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.

Just a little Monday morning recruiting pet peeve.

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