November 2011

Win a great gift by telling me your worst gift

by Evil HR Lady on November 30, 2011

Last year the wonderful folks at Shabby Apple gave a dress to one of my readers.  This year they have offered to do the same thing!  Yeah!  A beautiful dress to one of my readers.  Men, again, I’m sorry, but feel free to enter for your wife, mother, or woman over in the finance department that you have your eye on.  (Just kidding about that last one, it’s kind of creepy.)

Here are the rules:

  1. You must leave a comment with the worst Christmas/Holiday/Birthday gift your boss has ever given you.
  2. I will pick the winner by using a random number generator so as to be fair.
  3. Shabby Apple will ship internationally!  So, my global friends, feel free to enter.
  4. There are two excluded people–me and last year’s winner (Azure).
  5. If you win, you can pick any dress on the site, although you may be able to talk them into a bathing suit, which I think look awesome and I’m seriously considering buying my next one from them.
  6. Contest ends at 6:00 a.m. East Coast time on December 7.
  7. I may well use your answers in an article be published somewhere.

So what’s your worst gift from your boss?

Mine is actually a pretty good gift, just not to me.  One year my boss gave me a lovely bottle of expensive wine.  That’s generally a good gift except for two things. 1.  I’m a Mormon who doesn’t drink and 2. I was pregnant.  So, yeah!  Wine for the pregnant Mormon!  But, as I said it was a lovely gift and he was a super great guy, just a bit clueless.  I thanked him profusely and gave the wine away.

But, I suspect that some of your bosses may not be so nice.


How to Fire Someone

by Evil HR Lady on November 28, 2011

Sooner or later all small business owners will have to terminate an employee, and there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. The Evil HR Lady explains which is which.

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Stop being a wimp and manage your people

by Evil HR Lady on November 28, 2011

Dear Evil HR Lady,
Is there any law prohibiting an employee’s wife from visiting him in the office at any time

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I’m exempt but my boss tracks me every minute

by Evil HR Lady on November 23, 2011

Dear Evil HR Lady,

My colleagues and I are all salaried exempt employees. We are not people managers; we are project managers, even though that is not what we are called. Recently, there has been what I like to call “Much Ado About Hours” throughout our office, and especially in our department. Our manager has always kept track of days we are out of the office (vacation days, sick days, etc.). Now she is keeping track of what time we arrive, what time we leave, how long we take for lunch, etc., and she frequently brings the issue of “people not working their hours” up in meetings. We aren’t talking about major absences — maybe just someone arriving 15-30 minutes late or someone else leaving 15-30 minutes early. 

During our busy months, I would guess that we average 45-50 hours per week, usually work through lunch and occasionally spend our weekends (with no comp time) for company travel. We are all good workers who manage our projects effectively with very little slacking.The office just moved 20 miles away, which makes for a longer commute for everyone.

As exempt employees, haven’t we earned a little flexibility in our schedules? By tracking our hours in this manner, isn’t our boss treating us like non-exempt employees? And if so, is there anything we can do about it? Certainly I can speak with her about this and I am happy to do so, but I would like to be able to back up my feelings with facts and figures; feelings alone will get me nowhere.

I appreciate any insight you can provide.

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666 firing: When demanding compliance costs you a fortune

by Evil HR Lady on November 21, 2011

Billy E. Hyatt claims Pliant Corp. fired him for refusing to wear a sticker with 666 on it. Now, lest you think that the plant was run by Satan himself, it wasn’t a random sticker–the plant had been counting up the number of days in a row they had had without an accident.

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When the CEO refuses to stop dishonesty

by Evil HR Lady on November 18, 2011

Dear Evil HR Lady,

Your most recent post about plagiarism reminded me about the CEO of the company I’m working for right now. The company is an online seller and I have to say that some (if not most) of the products we sell are from questionable sources. There isn’t a single day that goes by that an employee from logistics or from other departments send an email saying that an item was found with a questionable label or that the packaging seems to contain some familiar words and names. Like very familiar names.

So eventually, someone in the department sent an email to the CEO along with a list of recommended actions to be taken in order to stop and prevent such practices – and at least give the company some dignity in front of our customers.

CEO said no action should be taken unless someone files a complaint. So right now, the company’s products are all there for the whole World Wide Web to see. I’m not really surprised by his decision actually. I found another website that copied our content (half of which I wrote) verbatim and all he said was “It happens.”

So what advice would you give to an employee like me when it’s the Big Enchilada himself setting the standard for such despicable ethics?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

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Is formality in business emails still required?

by Evil HR Lady on November 17, 2011

Today’s Dear Abby columnincluded a letter from a man who said that if he received business correspondence addressed to “Dear Robert” instead of Dear Mr. C, he would throw it straight in the trash.

Abby, predictably, responded by offering to sell us her booklet that reminds us that business letters should be addressed to Dear Mr. Smith/Dear Ms. Smith.

I always appreciate it when someone takes advantage of a situation to earn a bit of extra cash, but I don’t think trowing away letters is the right way to go about business.

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Social Media for Small Biz: Your HR Survival Guide Source

by Evil HR Lady on November 15, 2011

Have you thought about what you’d do if one of your employees started tweeting about what a terrible boss you are? Or wrote Facebook status updates about your stupid business problems?

And what about the positive side? That sales person who built up a fabulous list of contacts on LinkedIn? Who owns those contacts? What about the marketing manager who tweets positive things about the company at your request? Who owns that Twitter handle?

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Before you file a complaint, make sure you use these tips to help you be heard.

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Will paternity leave hurt your career?

by Evil HR Lady on November 15, 2011

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I have an employee out on Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). His wife had a baby, and he opted to take the full twelve weeks of leave. I know this is the law, and we are holding his job for his return.

However, he’s on leave during performance review time. Bonuses are based on these reviews, and some of the management team feel like he doesn’t deserve a bonus because of taking 3 months off. Do we have to give him a review? Can we skip giving him a bonus?

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