6 thoughts on “How to Fire Someone

    1. It’s working for me! I’m not super techy, so I don’t know what the problem is. Are you trying to access it on a mobile device? Sometimes there are problems with smartphones being able to connect.

  1. Oh, how I wish pretty much every one of my previous employers (including the current one) would understand that HR should not do the actual termination. Unfortunately, as you so eloquently state, they have all been (are) wimps and simply won’t do it. Yes, on occasion, I can get a manager to actually take the responsibility. However, despite coaching and training, most of them screw it up so badly (either by design or inability) I have to do it just so the message is clear and we don’t get sued. *sigh*

    1. Firing people is super hard. I don’t blame someone for not wanting to do it. But, it’s part of being a manager, so they need to suck it up.

      Do you want me to come and say that to their faces? :>)

  2. LOL! I would love that, but I somehow doubt it would help. But, thanks for the offer!

  3. Hi There. Suzanne Lucas, I just watched your TEDx talk and read a blog referencing you on LinkedIn. My name is Jimmy Warr Mize and I have a podcast “Inspired By JimmyL”
    Your logic on “talent” within the work force is amazing. I’d love the opportunity to chat with you about your thoughts on leadership, talent, and employee skills within a corporate setting.
    Would this be possible?
    Average interviews are typically 20-30 minutes and via Zoom video conference.

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