This is something I shouldn’t need to say, but hang up before you go into the bathroom. Okay? Really, your conversation can wait 5 minutes. Or two minutes, if you’re fast.

Also, being connected is a great thing. Having your boss monitor your heart rate is not a good thing. Can we all just have some space, please?

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The Secret to Why Millennials Can’t Manage–Yet

by Evil HR Lady on September 8, 2016

Poor Millennials. Never has any other group been written about as much. Of course, that’s just because they have the misfortunate of being the first group whose entire lives are online.

They seem to struggle with management, though. Have you ever wondered why? Here’s why they aren’t great managers yet, but will be fantastic in the future. Click here to read more: Why So Many Promising Millennials Suck at Managing–And How They Can Be the Best Bosses Ever.


What Kind of Lawyer Should I Hire For My Job Problem?

by Evil HR Lady on September 7, 2016

I get a lot of questions where the answer is, “you need to speak with an attorney.” Attorneys are expensive, and while some work on contingency, most employment law cases aren’t these big cash cows that you read about in the news. So, you’ll have to pay up. In order to save you some money, I thought I’d put together this handy guide in choosing the type of lawyer you need to handle your employment case.

Q: What type of attorney should I hire if my boss is sexually harassing me?

A: An employment attorney.

Q: What type of attorney should I hire if my boss is discriminating against me on the basis of race/gender/or another protected characteristic?

A: An employment attorney

Q: What type of attorney should I hire if I want to claim FMLA interference?

A: An employment attorney.

Q. What type of attorney should I hire if I want help negotiating severance?

A. An employment attorney

Q: But what if my brother-in-law does real estate law?

A: Buy a house.

Q: Seriously, he said he’d help me negotiate severance for free.

A: Then you’ll have to buy a smaller house because your severance will be craptastic because you need to hire an employment attorney and you won’t be able to afford the bigger house.

Q: Okay, so my sister-in-law handles civil cases, like divorce. Same thing, right? It’s all just contracts.

A: Why do you have so many relatives that are lawyers? You still need an employment attorney for employment issues. And I bet Thanksgiving is a riot.

Q: Why can’t you take my case, for free?

A: Because despite my stellar LSAT practice scores, I am not a lawyer. Also, I don’t like working for free.

Q: Why don’t you have the laws of all 50 states memorized?

A: Because I don’t need to. Hire an employment attorney that practices in your state.

I hope this helps! I sure as heck feel better.


My husband has a good job, so I technically don’t have to work in order to put food on our table and keep a roof over our heads. This may make me a bad mom, but I don’t think so. I think the thing that makes me a bad mom is I love Hostess Cupcakes. Aren’t you supposed to grow out of that?

Incidentally, I have a good job, so technically my husband doesn’t have to work in order to put food on our table and keep a roof over our heads. Surprisingly, no one thinks his job makes him a bad dad. However, he doesn’t like Hostess Cupcakes, so maybe that’s the difference. He does like salted licorice, which is disgusting, in my never to be humble opinion.

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Through a variety of circumstances, I ended up accidentally not checking any of my email accounts for an entire day. As an email addict, that’s a big thing. (And rather surprising that I didn’t notice I wasn’t getting email.)

Here’s what happened and why you should consider turning off that little beep each time an email comes in.

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Ask A Manager & Evil HR Lady Answer a Question Together

by Evil HR Lady on September 5, 2016

First of all, if you’re not reading Ask a Manager every day, shame on you. Alison Green is brilliant and you should follow her. She came across a sitaution she’s not terribly familiar with–the expat family interview. So, since I’m an expat, and I know a lot of expats, she asked me for my help with a question.

Hop over to Ask a Manager and read: Company wants to have tea with my family as part of an international interview


Kelky Rudnicki, who was Mylan’s spokeswoman for two years, just resigned her position in response to the “price gouging of EpiPens” (her words).

In a letter posted on Robyn O’Brien’s website, Rudnicki explains her reasoning for quitting her job. She writes:

As I previously mentioned in an email earlier this week, I must address the serious accusations Mylan is facing in the news. I have kept silent about my position until this email to you now, because I wanted to gather my own data and weigh against my responsibility to advocate as a spokeswoman for Mylan Speciality. However, my primary responsibility is to the food allergy community. Since the day I started my blog many years ago, my sole focus was to be a voice, their voice, and to educate and advocate for my food allergic son, and children like him all over the country. Given the recent allegations over Mylan’s price gouging of EpiPens and unbalanced executive level compensation, I simply cannot align my name with yours on this, and am deeply disappointed in the lack of transparency, especially to your consumers. Saying nothing is irresponsible and unacceptable. Truth in this matter and taking corrective measures is the only solution. And the millions of people who are affected by this deserve a solution immediately.

To keep reading, click here: EpiPen Maker Mylan Loses its Spokeswoman


Contrary to popular opinion, you boss isn’t perfect. (Okay, that’s not popular opinion–although that could be your boss’s opinion.) Sometimes you have to give the boss negative feedback. “Hey, boss, you’re doing it wrong!”

As you well know, that doesn’t always go over well. Today at the Field Service Digital Blog, I give you some helpful tips and tricks for breaking the bad news to your boss, without getting yourself in trouble.

To read, click here: How to Give the Boss Negative Feedback


Managing Like Willy Wonka

by Evil HR Lady on August 30, 2016

Gene Wilder died yesteday, and as the world mourns his passing, I’m reminded of his famous role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I loved this book as a child, but as I’ve gotten older, the labor violations bother me. So, just what would happen if you managed like Willy Wonka? Hop over to Inc and read why what Willy Wonka really needed was an employment attorney.

Click here to read: What if You  Managed Like Willy Wonka


How to Fire Someone and Have Them Thank You For it

by Evil HR Lady on August 30, 2016

Firing is always horrible? Well, yes, it is. But sometimes it’s the right thing to do, and if you do the right thing in the right way, it can make everyone better off–even the person you just terminated.

Read some tips and trips from me and Tucker Max, Co-Founder and CEO of Book In A Box, by clicking here: How to Fire Someone and Have Them Thank You For It

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