The Real HR Show: What Happens When a Vaccine Comes Out?

by Evil HR Lady on November 17, 2020

Right now, it looks like we will be getting a vaccine for Covid-19. Do you want to require your employees to get it? Brenda Neckvatal and I discuss what you should be thinking about.

You have three candidates, and all have serious red flags, you have to hire one, what do you do?

This question came to me for a long time, friend, “John.” He’s struggling to fill a position and has only three qualified applicants. All three applicants came up with issues in their background checks, which makes him hesitant to extend an offer. He asked me how to choose a candidate when no candidate is perfect.

This situation comes up often. You can spend years searching for the perfect candidate, but most likely, you’ll be in a situation like my friend and need to hire someone now. He can’t really expand his search for the following reasons:

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Even though I spent Halloween in my apartment watching Hocus Pocus with my children and had precisely two trick-or-treaters that were pre-arranged, I saw hundreds of costumed children in my Facebook feed.

You no longer have to do things in-person to know what goes on in your friends’ lives. The same is true in the workplace. In 1997 it would have taken a great deal of effort to show the HR manager an inappropriate Halloween costume picture. You would have had to be at the same party as your inappropriately dressed coworker, take a photo on film, get the film developed and bring it to the office.

At this point, the HR manager wouldn’t care because it was 1997, and no one cared. And unless it made the nightly news (it didn’t), it wouldn’t reflect on the company at all.

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What a Biden Presidency Will Mean for Your Workplace

by Evil HR Lady on November 11, 2020

It’s time to start planning for how a Biden presidency will affect your business. Some things may matter to you, and some may not, but there will be change. Here’s what is likely to happen that may influence how you run your workplace.  

Critical Race Theory Back In

While Trump never mentioned the term “critical race theory” in his recent executive order regarding diversity training for federal employees and contractors, it was a clear removal of this controversial method of talking about diversity, in which all institutions are racist and white people maintain power at the expense of people of color. This will probably be one of the first things undone by Biden when he takes office in January. But, expect to see lawsuits as many people, including U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow, say that critical race theory training violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Code.

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The Real HR Show: Funny Things Employees Do

by Evil HR Lady on November 10, 2020

Plus, learn about my and Brenda’s worst workplace screwups.

Please Tell Me this CEO is Nuts

by Evil HR Lady on November 9, 2020

No. This is not a creative way to get noticed. This is a stupid way to get noticed. If someone sent me $10 and asked for a job, I’d return the $10 and put them in the do not hire, ever category.

It’s not cute. It’s not creative. It shouldn’t make you consider this person above other candidates. Graham says, in the comments, the briber was interviewed but not hired. The hiring manager should have disqualified him immediately instead.

Yes, I have strong feelings. Getting jobs is hard enough. Adding an element where people who cross ethical lines get a boost is detrimental to all job hunters. You want the best person for the job, not someone who is okay with bribery. (Granted, if you’re hiring someone to work with government officials in Philadelphia, bribery may be a required skill.)

Today at 10:00 Eastern: HR in the Age of Social Media!

by Evil HR Lady on November 9, 2020

Today the Virtual HR Summit begins–it’s free and it’s fabulous. Today at 10:00 Eastern (Monday, 9 November), I’ll be giving a presentation on HR in the Age of Social Media.

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Working When Election Tensions Are Still High

by Evil HR Lady on November 6, 2020

My fondest dream was to wake up to a clear presidential election winner. As of 6 a.m. Eastern time on November 4, it was clear that wasn’t happening. It would take days.

Days of indecision means days of mounting pressure. My Twitter and Facebook feeds are getting increasingly stressed out, with both sides convinced the other side is cheating. When a result does come out, are some people going to blow?

Retailers in major cities expect election violence and have boarded up their storefronts. And just whom are they expecting to be violent? Well, people.

Who are these people? Some of them are rabble-rousers who will use any excuse to be horrible, but some of them may be your employees. Yes, your employees. And you will have to deal with whatever fallout comes through that. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to Make Your Organization more Life-Friendly (5 Tips)

by Evil HR Lady on November 5, 2020

Family-friendly workplaces are a great idea – you want a place where people feel comfortable taking an hour or two out of a day to go to a parent-teacher conference, or with a schedule that means you won’t be working until 9:00 at night.

But, why on earth do we need to call this family-friendly? Sure, childless people don’t need to go to parent-teacher conferences, but otherwise, their lives are just as busy and full. What we need are “life-friendly” workplaces.

I didn’t coin this phrase myself – I read it in a Facebook post a while ago, and it stuck with me. When we focus on “family-friendly,” we’re excluding a considerable portion of the workforce. Let’s change the focus to “life-friendly” workplaces.

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The Real HR Show: “Why Doesn’t HR Support Employees?

by Evil HR Lady on November 4, 2020

Have you heard this before? Complaints that HR doesn’t support employees? Well, it’s not that simple!