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The Offspring’s dance recital was this Saturday. I love this picture because it is an example of many companies–everyone is supposed to be doing the same thing, but no one is. Sure, they are all wearing the same costume and on the same stage, but none of them are doing precisely what their manager–umm, dance instructor–is telling them to do.

How is your business functioning? Is the instruction from your leadership clear? Are you all on the same page?

They are 3 and 4. What is your excuse?

I bet it is a lack of communication. HR tends to be the ones responsible for making policies and procedures known to the employees. Are your stated procedures the “real” way things happen or do the rules state one thing and in practice it’s another?

If they differ, why? Is it because official channels require a ton of paperwork and signatures and so people do things without asking. Is it easier to obtain forgiveness than permission? Why is that?

It should not be that way. Get your management in line and get them to either enforce a policy or eliminate it. It’s cute to have everyone doing something different when you are 3. It’s not so cute for your shareholders.

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3 thoughts on “On the Same Page

  1. Part of the problem is that, as institutions, many of us don’t trust the people that work for us.

    Part of the problem is that executives (indeed leaders at all levels) should be communicating, not handing that function off to HR or anyone else.

    Part of the problem is that too many executive think that promulgating a policy is the way to solve almost any problem.

    Or maybe I’m just old, frustrated and cynical.

  2. Very cute at 3, true.

    This could be a photo on one of those black-framed posters that satirize motivational slogans: All Together Now!

    Enjoy your blog and outlook and style very much.

  3. Dilys–excellent idea. Of course, I’d need to put their heads in the picture. Their arms are all over the place too.

    Hmmm, maybe I’ll print it up in poster size and just put it in my office.

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