You mean the problem isn’t just with crazy executives and there might be some problem with regular employees? I’m shocked.

Stanely Bing, who wrote Crazy Bosses, wrote this article on crazy employees.

Because we are nuts, you know, we who work for those who go insane above us. We’re crazy and incompetent and lazy and churlish and occasionally stupid and cowardly and disloyal. And it’s time we all sucked it up and stopped blaming our bosses for everything.

Those of us in HR know the truth. The employees are whacked. The managers are whacked. The cafeteria workers (who are a managed service and not employees) are strange too. The only rational people are one guy in finance, the woman at the company store, and 3 people in HR.

You know it’s true.

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2 thoughts on “Crazy Employees

  1. Hmm … sounds like “There’s no one to trust but thee and me, and I’m not sure of thee.”

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