10 thoughts on “Fail

  1. I love the person laughing as they say “oh my god.” I hope the bride played it off well.

  2. Hee, it could have happened to me, except my husband had the rings on him when we got married (very close to his parents’ swimming pool).

    But I would be the first to laugh at the situation. As a matter of fact, my father and I had a plan in which he would pretend to lose his balance and make us both fall into the water as we walked over the bridge that was placed over the pool for us to arrive at the altar :-D.

  3. The bride and groom will probably have hated it on the day, but think of the story later on! MUCH more memorable this way.

  4. rodolphe–yes, sometimes when something horrible is happening I actually think, “this will be a great story!”

  5. Oh my god, that’s awful! How terrible must the ring-bearer feel (both his face and his ego)??

    – Chris

  6. I feel so bad for them. Can I feel bad for someone while laughing? I do feel bad, though. I also feel bad for the ring-bearer. He’ll forever be known as “The Wedding Tackler.”

  7. Holy cow, I love it so much! I also love how your writing style is identical to your speech pattern… when I read your blog, it’s as if you’re talking instead of typing. Love it.

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