Why Is It So Hard to Get a Low Paying Job?

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I would like an insider like yourself to answer this instead of getting my info from crazy internet conspiracy theorists. You give wonderful advice to working professionals, but I’m wondering if you won’t take a moment to give a hand up to us “regular Joes.”

Why is it SO hard to find a JOB? Just a regular job? Do you know of anyone who could entertain that kind of opportunity AND pass the UNICRU test honestly? “Leave It To Beaver” intelligent, honest, friendly, and yet unambitious? Why are these employers so full of themselves and out-of-touch? This isn’t Lockheed-Martin, it’s a GROCERY STORE. I know… “In the ultra-competitive modern market we have to make even the mundane exceptional.” Yet every time I go into one of these places I can’t help thinking “THESE people are what they’re screening so hard to find?” And YES – I don’t WANT to work there, but I must work SOMEWHERE. Even before the economic crisis hit, this was unnecessarily difficult.

Why Is It So Hard to Get a Low Paying Job?

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6 thoughts on “Why Is It So Hard to Get a Low Paying Job?

  1. I wonder the same thing – these are the people being hired? in this economy? – when I see responses from customer service like this one. Are there really no unambitious people who can spell and punctuate?

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  2. CF, to me that suggests outsourcing internationally, not poor domestic hiring. If so, from that company's point of view, it makes sense to spend as little money as possible on the people who tell you you're screwed :-).

  3. Solid, as always. I'd add to be sure to stay positive. Try to repress the fustration that you have been experiencing in job hunting. Those things have a way of manifesting themselves through our actions and conversations.

  4. it makes sense to spend as little money as possible on the people who tell you you're screwed :-).

    Especially if you know you will get many complaints to CS because your product is CRAP.

  5. I do HR for a grocery chain. Perhaps this person's availability is preventing them from getting interviews. Applicants who have open availability, especially nights and weekends, you have a much better shot at getting hired.

  6. http://www.petitiononline.com/lunchin/petition.html

    Read the comments to see what this is doing to our country, it serves no purpose and if the answers change as I have read it's not scientific, not validated by any state board of psychology nor is the test performed by a certified psychologist. It serves only to discriminate against someone, and Kronos itself had a memo that only 33% of minorities passed this so-called test.

    This is another way for corporations to control you, if you want a company to monitor your every move and tell you want you can and cannot do, just sit back and allow this abomination of freedom to continue. If you're against this, then write your senators, congressmen, sign the petition and join the facebook that's against Unicru to tell how you've been denied employment by this bogus test.

    And BTW, this test discriminates against armed forces, especially those returning with PTSD. Why are our troops fighting and dying for this kind of "freedom"?

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