Resume T-Shirt? Good Idea or Sign of Desperation?

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I’m a recent college graduate and have been actively job hunting for about 6 months. As the number of resumes I’ve sent out approaches 300, I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong and how I can stand out among the hundreds of other applicants I’m competing with. After Googling “creative ways to get hired”, I came across the idea of wearing a t-shirt with my resume on it. My dream job is to do PR in the racing industry. I’m attending two races in the coming months and I am contemplating doing this in order to get the attention of some race teams and potential hiring managers. Would you recommend wearing a resume t-shirt or does it come across as too desperate?

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6 thoughts on “Resume T-Shirt? Good Idea or Sign of Desperation?

  1. EHRL – your advice is often along the lines of 'if the worst thing that could happen is no worse than your current situation, then go for it'. I think this qualifies. The graduate doesn't have a job – the worst that could happen is that s/he still won't have a job. But they might get a couple of leads. So go for it, but make it a modest, tasteful t-shirt unless you want a job at Hooters.

  2. Umm… hello… it's the racing industry. My only question is, will she be able to keep the shirt wet throughout the day?

  3. A t-shirt is a little bit desperate…unless you come across an employer who really goes for creativity, I think you may end up looking a little bit crazy…

  4. Yes, gimmicks like this do land people jobs. It’s just not very many people land jobs using this technique or any of the others listed in books like Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters. It is such a narrow job market that would appreciate these techniques.

    It reminds me a lot like the late night infomercials; you too can get the job you want, all you have to do is pay $29.95 for my book and you will soon be rolling in dough! It’s designed to pray on desperate people.

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