Why Your HR Manager May Hate You

So, hate is a strong word, and of course your HR manager doesn’t hate you. You are a model employee. But, your coworkers–that’s a different story. Your HR manager most likely hates them. The reasons are quite plain–HR is tasked with both helping the business through recruiting, retaining and developing the best employees and with making sure the company is in compliance with hundreds, if not thousands, of laws and regulations around those employees. Sometimes those two tasks can be in conflict and it seems like the very people we are tasked with helping to succeed are trying desperately to destroy the company as fast as they can.

To read more click here: Why Your HR Manager May Hate You

Plus, here is an interview I did on this very topic on the Cranky Middle Manager show.

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4 thoughts on “Why Your HR Manager May Hate You

  1. Wonderful article, Suzanne! You have very ably hit on the exact argument I've made many times. We are expected to follow thousands of laws regulating the workplace; but people fail to realize that it's the employees you describe that we have to educate, train or discipline when the law is broken or bent. People rail against the "company" and HR when something they feel is unfair or disciminatory occurs; then the company and HR become the bad guys when we have to correct the situation caused by the types of employees you described in your article.

  2. From another comment: "I somehow had the idea that one of the roles of the HR department was to be the advocate for employees. I kept that incorrect belief for a while until after some experience and observation."

    Accepting this truth will help employees who might fall into one of the categories (particularly "whiners" and those seeking a therapeutic resource) described in Ms. Lucas' article.

    HR has a job, and that job is not to be your friend (at least, not at work).

  3. If anyone’s wearing open toed shoes the world just might come to an end

    Well, she does have a point. Open-toed shoes to work, especially with unmanicured toenails, are just wrong. 🙂

  4. I'm not so sure "hate" is the right word. Although it is true that we find some of the people we "help" as bad influences in the workplace — and I'd go as far as calling SOME employees parasites draining resources from our employers — hate still seems to strong a feeling. As HR managers it's our job to be objective. To arm our employers with the information necessary to make good hiring/firing decisions. If you feel hate, it's important to start tracking better in order to show at the end of the day that this person should no longer be with your organization. Nuff said.

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