My boss wants me to flatter my nasty coworker

Dear Evil HR Lady,

On Friday my female boss told me I needed to “stroke the ego” of a male co-worker. Make him feel important.. then he will puff up his chest and strut around and all will be forgiven.

This was because I forwarded an email the male employee had sent to me. He sent me a hostile email, berating me for doing my job correctly, but not the way he wanted it done. This man is not my supervisor.

No word that he should apologize to me. I’m so angry that I gathered all my personal items and am thinking of calling an attorney.

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4 thoughts on “My boss wants me to flatter my nasty coworker

  1. This was also posted to Ask a Manager. Same wording re “stroking his ego” and “puffing him up.”
    Time to find a new job–but the OP needs to restrain herself until she leaves (and after). If you engage this jerko, he wins.

    1. Alison and I often get emails from the same person. We don’t often both answer them. She writes much more prolifically than I do and I read everything she writes, so usually she has answered the question before I get to it, so I don’t bother to write a full answer.

      I already had the answer this guy in my head ready to write out (don’t laugh, it’s how I do it) when the AAM post came up. If Alison had written a page long treatise I wouldn’t have bothered, but since she did just a quick answer i went ahead and wrote it.

      It doesn’t bother me at all that people write both of us. Neither of us guarantee an answer and this person was clearly upset!

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