How to deal with an office jerk

There is this guy at work who is always in a bad mood and rude. He says things to you like, “Shut up” or “You’re fired” but in a non-joking way. He is a colleague and not management. He gets away with that because it’s his “personality” and some people laugh at it sometimes, except me. When he isn’t so blatant his tone of voice is rather unpleasant as well. I think he gets away with it because it chalks it up to “joking.” A few of my former seasoned colleagues suggested calling out his behavior and addressing that I ask him to stop, etc. How does one do this without making it a big deal? For instance, let’s say he said nothing rude but it was just his delivery?

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One thought on “How to deal with an office jerk

  1. Great suggestions Evil-One. In my early operations management days I was an a-hole at times, and got away with it for too long.

    It took a not-as-evil HR manager to sit me down (more than once) and lay the hard truth.

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