If you’re an introvert (like I am), you probably shake in your boots when someone says, “To find a new job, you should be networking.” Networking has this reputation of cold-calling people and demanding jobs, but it’s not like that at all. Here are 5 myths about networking and how you (even the introverts!) can successfully do it.

1. Networking involves cold calling people you don’t know. This is actually the anti-networking. Networking is all about making connections. You start with the people you do know and they can introduce you to people they know. The key is in the introduction and building your circle of people. Don’t just start calling people up and asking for favors. It doesn’t go over well.

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4 thoughts on “5 Myths About Networking

  1. Some of these myths are why, when asked, so many folks say that they hate networking. It is kind of a shame that more folks don’t follow these tips.

    Further, so many large corporations today have mini “lunch and learns” on how to better communicate, how to write better emails, how to conduct better meetings, etc. But, How to Network seems to be missing. Maybe I should suggest that to my company’s HR since they seem to do all those other “lunch and Learns.”

  2. I’d like to add one more myth to this list. Lots of people falsely believe that networking is all about giving their business cards to as much people as possible. Exchanging contacts doesn’t make other people remember you and they’ll throw your card away as soon as they get round the corner. Making sure these people would like to save your contact information is your basic task so try to make a good impression.

    1. Oooh, excellent point. It’s also not just about linking with someone on LinkedIn!

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