What if you’re being pressured to resign?

Sometimes a boss wants to fire an employees, but for some reason he’s not straight-out honest. Instead of saying, “I’m terminating your employment. Today is your last day. Here’s your paperwork, and you will receive your last paycheck in one week,” the boss says, “You have to sign this letter of resignation.”

Take, Stephanie (who didn’t want her full name used). Her boss never hinted that she wasn’t doing a good job, so she was shocked when she was called into his office and told she was being terminated. She writes:

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3 thoughts on “What if you’re being pressured to resign?

  1. What about restructuring excuse for last go …due too claim of harassment of bully coworker five days after I was. Terminated and ideas called restructuring…. restructured and claim of human rights abuses…five days latter terminated

  2. It happens and some times instead of asking employee to resign, bosses creates such kind of situation that employee think it is the best option to resign.

  3. When this happened to me, no one asked me to sign a letter of resignation. They said “We’re letting you go” and mailed me some paperwork with the “voluntarily quit’ box pre-checked.

    Where I live, we can pay $25 for a half hour consultation with a lawyer. I did that and the lawyer suggested I write a letter to the company, asking for a new paper that said I was involuntarily terminated, not for cause, and also that they would not fight my application for unemployment.

    It worked.

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