Have you ever been given a boatload of new responsibilities without the title and pay increase to go with it?

Or perhaps you got the title along with a vague promise that at “some point in the future” you’d get a raise to match your new responsibilities?

It happens far more often than it should: A promised promotion that turns into nothing more than more work.

What should you do about it?

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2 thoughts on “When a Promotion is Not a Promotion

  1. I thought it was illegal to pile on extra work with no promotion when an exempt employee is doing the work of a non-exempt employee? For example, having the secretary negotiate business contracts, make investments for the company, manage other employees, or other executive work. ??

    1. You can have the secretary negotiate contracts, manage other employees, etc, but what you can’t do is have an exempt employee spend 50 percent of her time filing.

      You can always pay by the hour.

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