Human Resources Rescue: We’ve Had a Run of Bad Hires, Help!

One of my friends asked me for some help. She works for a small accounting firm that has had a run of bad hires.

Everything looks great on the resume and in the interview, but then the person doesn’t work out, for one reason or another.

They haven’t had to fire the new hires, they’ve quit, but it’s becoming a huge problem.

Her business isn’t the only business to run into this. Unemployment is still pretty high, so it stands to reason that hiring should be easy. Post an ad, get applications, and pick the best person.

But, when you keep having bad matches, it’s probably not them, it’s you. Here are things you need to think about in this situation.

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4 thoughts on “Human Resources Rescue: We’ve Had a Run of Bad Hires, Help!

  1. I have recently had this issue, and something I have started doing in the interview is bringing up the worst (but most important parts) of the job because it is entry level in the interview to make sure they understand what they will be doing. Their reaction to this conversation says it all. I have turned away a lot of people who seem like good candidates up to this point in the interview after this. It seems like these people are just not reading the job descriptions!

  2. I agree that the interviewer should be asking questions (in a politically correct fashion) about how the potential employee would reaction to real time situations to get a good feel of the potential of this individual. Or make up a online required pre-questionnaire which uses both written and verbal responses not gauge reactions. Especially when job is not going to pamper an individual into doing a job. Sounds to me like most of the employees are answering yes to questions just to get job figuring they would make job fit to their needs. If you are upfront with descriptions of job duties, it may take longer to chose a new employee but it will be worth it when the fit is right. An employee who really wants the job will fit the bill.

  3. One thing we do with a particular position is we have some real scenarios that have happened with other people in the past and ask them to answer how they would handle this. This gives a good feel for someone’s thought process and if they would succeed in the position. We typically do this after I have screened them and passed them along to the hiring managers, and they have talked to the candidate as well.

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