Managing a Weight Loss Program at Work

“How much do you weigh?”

It’s a simple question, but it’s a sensitive one, too — whether you’re lean, overweight or somewhere in between. Weight is a thorny subject for many of us, and talking about weight loss can be even trickier.

But high weights are consistently associated with long-term health problems, leading to higher insurance rates for the overweight, so many companies find it’s an important subject to address. Some businesses implement a weight loss program to promote overall employee wellness and encourage healthy habits at the office.

If you’re likewise tackling weight loss in your workplace, keep these tips in mind to help you stay sensitive and ensure a positive experience for employees.

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2 thoughts on “Managing a Weight Loss Program at Work

  1. Weight loss is so complicated, esp for those with other illnesses. Keep it low key so no one feels pressured or pushed to join. We seem to be leaning toward charging more for insurance for large people (discounts for losing weight) and it can feel hopeless. Don’t let weight loss affect morale because you really need people there to work.

  2. And whatever program there is should not be about shaming people. A good friend of mine was pushed into joining her company’s weight loss program, and quit because it was all about fat shaming, and not about actually trying to understand a person’s individual situation and working with them from there.

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