You Can’t Be Mean, Even When You’re Beautiful

Former Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers probably thought everyone would agree with her when she snapped a photo of a normal woman showering at the gym. While she claims she only mean to share it with one friend, she shared it with the world.

Now, I don’t believe it was as accidental as she claims, but even if it was, that doesn’t excuse her behavior. Taking surreptitious naked pictures of people is immoral in any case and is illegal in this case. Mathers is getting what comes to her–the gym banned her, her boss fired her, and the police are looking at arresting her.

To read more about it, read this: Why this Playboy Playmate was Fired and Banned from the Gym

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8 thoughts on “You Can’t Be Mean, Even When You’re Beautiful

  1. [sigh] You are absolutely correct. There is a man on my team that fits all the criteria. He is an absolute a**h!#* to so many people and is only half competent at his job, causing every project he works on to be late and over budget. Yet people seek him out, hang around him, and act as if everything he says, no matter how stupid, is gospel. How many people, when told to do something that the business wants done, could get away with saying, “I don’t believe you and I’m not doing it!”? And then he doesn’t, until (see above) the project is late. And management does nothing. And I have to work and deal with this person every single day.

  2. Women must be skinny, men must be tall. Both should be good looking. And this is all before we add race into the equation with different types of looks between races. Black women often aren’t considered beautiful with natural hair. We have to take the time to consciously evaluate our predjudices to get past them. Companies need to talk to managers about this. Maybe we need to watch Sesame Street to learn we are all the same.

  3. With plastic surgery now-a-days, all you need is money to have a nice body. So, it really has nothing to do with effort or genes or whatever people are assuming. On top of that, every professional picture of this playmate woman is probably so altered, that it’s not really even her.

    Her behavior makes me sick, and I hope she is arrested. This is why I shun people telling Chris Christie jokes, because even though I am a liberal, being overweight has NOTHING to do with his job.

    1. Everyone jumped on Mathis as well, but unlike Sacco who made a thoughtless comment, Mathis took pictures of someone naked in the shower. Thoughtless comments are one thing, taking a nude photograph is another.

      I disapprove with anyone who wants to attack Mathis as well. Let law enforcement handle it.

  4. The problem occurred before she posted anything. It occurred when she took the picture. She had NO business taking a picture of another person who was naked without permission.

    I’m a teacher and am disgusted by my coworkers that post pictures of random strangers in public to make fun of the way they look. I’ve pointed out if our students did this during school hours they would face being written up for cyber bullying. How is the behavior of my co-workers any different? I don’t respect the ones that do that – but honestly I didn’t respect them before. They are typical mean girls, and this is an extension of their daily behavior. What happened to if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all?

    I’m proud of my niece. An extended family member posted a picture of a woman, who was having a bathing suit malfunction. When other “adults” were laughing. Niece said, “Extended family member is being a bully, so are you. Extended family member should have helped the lady instead of making fun” Out of the mouth of babes – except in this case a middle schooler was more mature than the “adults”.

  5. Punishment helps unwise people learn faster. I haven’t seen the photo, nor will I go looking for it. If the subject of the photo is recognizable, then the punishment needs to be greater.

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