New Overtime Laws are Coming!

Today, over at Comstock’s Magazine I go into detail about how the new Department of Labor regulations are going to affect your business–since this is a California based magazine the focus is on California, but it affects the entire United States. If you are currently an exempt employee earning less than $47,476 a year, you’ll want to read this. If you manage exempt employees who earn less than the threshhold amount, you’ll want to read this. And if you’re just someone who is easily annoyed by increased government regulation, you probably won’t want to read this, because it will make you angry. But you should read it anyway. 🙂

So, hop over to Comstock’s and read Dilemma of the Month: New Overtime Laws

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9 thoughts on “New Overtime Laws are Coming!

  1. The link in your post today doesn’t direct you to the overtime article, but instead to an article about the body shaming photo by the playboy bunny.

  2. It’s easy for me when telecommuting–I clock in on the computer and clock out when I go to lunch, etc. Same in the office. It makes no difference what those times are; the computer time clock figures the hours.

    Maybe the company could implement software that makes it easy for their employees to track hours, etc. if it’s not cost-prohibitive. Doing it in a spreadsheet is kind of a pain. if it’s just straightforward time and not billable time, they shouldn’t have to do any more than clock in and out, correct?

    One nice thing about being non-exempt is that when I go home, I don’t have to even THINK about work. No phone calls, no emails. I can relax and do my own thing. 🙂

  3. Not able to read article, but as I see problem, corporations are going to place a select group of individuals on that salary, and anyone else is an hourly employee who might get 25 hours weekly. That salaried employee might think they got it made but they will expected to fill gaps in scheduling despite thinking they only need to cover certain hours and once clocked out are free to do their own thing. A salary employee is considered a management person. So Be prepared to pay the price

    1. This already happens. Hopefully the rule will boost the pay of the people taking on all the other responsibilities.

    2. I agree. The results won’t be great. In my company, certain exempt employees just don’t bring enough value to warrant a raise to 47K, mainly due to their experience level and lower skill level. Wondering how we’re going to handle those roles….

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