Addiction isn’t something we like to talk about, or take seriously. We joke about being addicted to Facebook at the same time condemn drugs addicts for their moral inferiority. We assume that it would never happen to us, not understanding that many prescription drug addicts became addicted after taking legally prescribed pills for a bona fide problem. We’re one car accident away from heading down that path.

Chances are, you work with someone who is an addict. Hopefully that person is in recovery, but if not, they’ve got an even longer road ahead. Here are some insights into how you can make your office aware of the supports available for people suffering from addiction.

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One thought on “It’s Addiction Recovery Month

  1. 90% of addicts did NOT start with a prescription (to them) med. The media and CDC are going along with the DEAs push to have everyone who takes an prescription opiod labeled as a “drug addict”. EVERYONE. The drug epidemic numbers are created by labeling any death by a person with some drugs in their system as drug related. Taking precaset for a dental issue and the car your are riding in is totaled. Congratulations, your death was drug related. Please do not repeat the lamestream media reporting on this issue. Biased doesn’t even start to cover it. Thank you.

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