How to Engage Remote Workers

Remote work has changed the way corporate America functions. Work-at-home jobs are no longer left to the realm of stuffing envelopes and answering calls — everything from education to marketing to accounting can now happen at home. While employees love the flexibility remote work affords, a new study by the Harvard Business Review and Virgin Pulse found that remote employees are actually more disengaged and ready to leave their jobs.

And it’s not the only research that shows this. Another recent study found that:

  • The more friends you have at work, the longer you will stay with the company
  • Only 5 percent of remote workers, compared to 28 percent of people who never work remotely, see themselves staying at their company for the entire length of their career
  • Nearly half of workers believe that having more face time will help them build deeper relationships with their teams

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9 thoughts on “How to Engage Remote Workers

  1. When this popped up on my feed I read the title as “How to ENRAGE Remote Workers”! The real thing is a bit of a letdown. 🙂

  2. I wonder about causation vs. correlation with your survey data. It may be that remote work causes disengagement, or it may be that disengaged people seek out remote work. Many remote workers are in technology, for example, where changes come so fast that no one in their right mind could plan to stay at one employer for an entire career.

  3. I must have been an exception. I worked for the same company from home for over 6 years (though I worked in the office for 4 years before that). I may still be with the company if I had not been laid off over 8 years ago.

    1. Being able to snowbird in Florida (as I did in January) is a *big* selling point for my remote position. Not to mention foregoing the 70-90 minutes of cumulative commute daily at my prior position.

      The fact that I poached one of my favorite co-workers (from a previous employer) to join the same company just makes it that much more delicious. I can pester him with irreverent Skype messages daily again. (I’m not sure how *he* feels about that, but I enjoy it); we have lunch one Saturday a month (we live 1/2-hour apart). I think I’ve got the “social” aspect covered.

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