What can ChatGPT do for HR?

ChatGPT is literally everywhere, and it’s lots of fun. You can ask it to make Dr. Seuss-style poems about things. You can have conversations with it. And, most importantly, you can make your life as an HR professional easier.

How? Well, lots of ways. Let’s start with some of the most annoying tasks.

1. Write job descriptions

This may seem ridiculous to use a bot for – after all, you want to describe the job you need to be done, not just a generic job! But the reality is most job descriptions are terrible at describing the actual job.

Why? The people who write them (managers and recruiters) don’t actually do that actual job!

ChatGPT shouldn’t be copied as is, but it can give you a starting point. It may include some important things that you wouldn’t normally think to include. For instance, I asked ChatGPT to write a job description for an entry-level accounts receivable clerk and got this:

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