How to fire anyone without legal repercussions

Ever hesitated to fire an underperforming employee due to fear of legal action? Our guide on how to fire anyone demystifies the legal complexities, offering you actionable steps to protect both your company and your peace of mind.

Once, a distant relative confided in me that she didn’t have to worry about her performance at work anymore because she was in her 60s, and any punishment would be considered age discrimination.

Does anyone want to guess what happened to that relative?

If you want to guess that she was offered early retirement in lieu of termination for poor performance, you’d be right. (She accepted it and did not sue because she had no case.)

People worry about disciplining or laying off people in “protected classes” because they don’t want to be sued.

Well, I don’t want you to be sued either. So, I’ll walk you through the Evil HR Lady’s guide to firing anyone – even my relative.

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