It’s Addiction Recovery Month

by Evil HR Lady on September 23, 2016

Addiction isn’t something we like to talk about, or take seriously. We joke about being addicted to Facebook at the same time condemn drugs addicts for their moral inferiority. We assume that it would never happen to us, not understanding that many prescription drug addicts became addicted after taking legally prescribed pills for a bona fide problem. We’re one car accident away from heading down that path.

Chances are, you work with someone who is an addict. Hopefully that person is in recovery, but if not, they’ve got an even longer road ahead. Here are some insights into how you can make your office aware of the supports available for people suffering from addiction.

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Are You Old? Like, Really Old? Like, 35?

by Evil HR Lady on September 22, 2016

Everyone knows that only young people are good at tech jobs. Okay, everyone knows that statement is foolish, but so many tech companies only want to hire young people. One man decided to start a job board for “old geeks.” He’s fighting the idea that you can’t innovate over 30. What else can you do to fight age discrimination in your job hunt?

To find out, read here: How to get a job when you’re really old (like 35).


You? A Biased Interviewer? Of Course Not. Oh, Wait…

by Evil HR Lady on September 21, 2016

Most people aren’t experts at conducting job interviews, so it’s no wonder we’re not perfect at it. In fact, we often stink. emphasisHR helped me out on putting together some biases that occur when we’re interviewing. It’s not the traditional spiel about diversity, although that plays a role as well.

It’s actually some pretty eye opening stuff about mistakes you’re making when interviewing, just because you’re subconsciously biased.

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Everybody likes overtime pay, and starting December 1, about 5 million more people will be eligible for overtime. Yay!!! Except, when it starts happening to you, it’s not always the basket of joy the Department of Labor would have you think.

One of my friends ran into this in real life. Read about how she came to realize that “sticking it to the man” means her life changes for the worse.

To read more click here: If You’re Exempt, Earning Less than $47,476 Per Year, Your Life is Changing


New Law in MA: No Asking About Salary

by Evil HR Lady on September 19, 2016

Everyone is talking about this. In fact, I’ve talked about it before. But, it’s worth looking at again, to understand why this law can possibly help with salary discrimination. Frankly, I don’t think it needs to be a law, but I do think it needs to become part of the culture. But, as I like to remind you, when companies continue to do stupid things, eventually government tries to stop them. This is one of those cases:

To keep reading, click here: New Law: Can’t Ask About Salary In MA


Lots of people stink at interviewing. They think it’s important to come up with “interesting” or “out of the box” questions for job candidates. Yeah, well, this is what happens. Here’s my favorite (least favorite?) of the bunch:

If you were stuck in an elevator, with no way to get out, and every 30 seconds a 5th grader would fall through a ceiling tile of the elevator that would periodically open, and was programmed to kill you, how long would you last and how?

Click over to to read the rest: Hilarious Real Interview Questions and What You Should Ask Instead


Do You Tell People Your Pronouns?

by Evil HR Lady on September 15, 2016

Vanderbilt University put up a poster telling people to introduce themselves by saying, “Hi my name is___ and my pronouns are____”

I’m here to tell you that if your pronouns are in the traditional category of he/she you really don’t need to do this. Really. It’s not necessary.

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Hillary Clinton undoubtedly felt that the bad press and attacks from the Trump camp from skipping an important event would be worse than suffering through an event with pneumonia.

She was probably wrong, as she couldn’t suffer through. What about you? Do you try to suffer through things when you should be home in bed? If you do, have you ever experienced a George HW Bush level of embarrassment? If you’re a youngin’ you don’t know about this, but poor President Bush got food poisoning. Even poorer Japanese Prime Minister got vomit in his lap. So, just for fun, there’s video at the link.

To read more and see the video, click here: Hillary Clinton’s Pneumonia: When You Absolutely, Positively Cannot Miss Work

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Gadgets Work-From-Home People Need

by Evil HR Lady on September 13, 2016

I’ve worked from home for a long time. During that time, I’ve picked up a few ideas about what makes a home office great and what makes it merely tolerable. If you want to check out the things ever telecommuter needs, click here: 9 Gadgets Every Telecommuter Needs


This is something I shouldn’t need to say, but hang up before you go into the bathroom. Okay? Really, your conversation can wait 5 minutes. Or two minutes, if you’re fast.

Also, being connected is a great thing. Having your boss monitor your heart rate is not a good thing. Can we all just have some space, please?

To read more about it click here: No, it’s Not Okay to Talk on the Phone in the Shared Office Bathroom.