How to Help Your Boss Give You a Promotion

During my last review I asked my manager, who is a senior vice president, about a promotion. He indicated that he would begin to think about what a promotion for me would look like and discuss it with HR. At the end of our conversation he stated that due to a possible acquisition, I might expect a promotion in the next 6-9 months. Well the acquisition has not taken place, yet but I still want something to happen. It has been over six months; should I bring the promotion conversation up again? If so, what should I say?

If you want a promotion, head over to BNET. I’ll give you some ideas to get going.

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3 thoughts on “How to Help Your Boss Give You a Promotion

  1. What should employees do when the company isn't even performing regular personnel reviews in the first place? Note that we're in an industry which is largely sheltered by the recession, we're growing and we've recently received some huge new clients.

  2. If you have to ask you are already behind the proverbial 8 ball. If it hasn't occurred to your boss then he hasn't thought about (most likely). Asking weakens your position. It would be different of there was a higher level job "there" but it sounds like you just want a promotion and maybe you deserve it but this guy you work for doesn't see it.

    OK, so you asked. If nothing happens then either eat your pride and accept your portion or move to another company where the new job is the promotion with the level of title you believe you deserve.

    Been there and done that.

  3. If there's not already a higher level job there to be promoted into and there's not one being created by new needs, the only real chance is that they want to keep you badly enough to give you a title.

    I've had lots of talented employees that wanted promotions and would be in line for the next opening, but sometimes I've just had to say "look around you" we really don't need another senior person.

    If they're already fully staffed at that level, you may just have to look elsewhere (or maybe start handing job listings to the others already in those positions).

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