7 Things Your Employees Think About You (But Would Never Say)

You have an open door policy, so of course your employees come to you and tell you everything that bothers them, and you work together to fix it. All in all, it’s a blissful place to work.

So why is your turnover through the roof? Because open door policy or not, it’s highly unlikely that your employees are telling you everything you need to know. Here are 7 things that your employees may be thinking, and what you should do about it.

To read the seven things click here: 7 Things Your Employees Think About You (But Would Never Say)

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2 thoughts on “7 Things Your Employees Think About You (But Would Never Say)

  1. I love this article because it is extremely true and something that many managers don’t realize. For more good hiring practices, check out http://alterastaffing.com/blog/. There you will also be able to find A Few Management Do’s and Don’ts as well as some helpful employer staffing solutions.

  2. #8 instead of working together to fix the problem, you tell your employee that there is no problem, if there’s a problem it’s her problem, she shouldn’t have this problem, just do the work, and then 6 months later, you bring that problem back up in the annual review and claim it showed a deep-seated issue with the employee that Needs To Be Fixed.

    At which point your employee stops talking to you as much as possible and starts looking for another job.

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