Are you leaving a million dollars on the table?

So what if you don’t negotiate salary? It’s never that much money, right? For instance, if you get a salary offer of $45,000 per year, and were able to negotiate it up to $47,000 per year, that’s only $2000 per year, less than $40 per week. And $40 a week is nice, but it might pay for a babysitter or a dinner out, but not both. And that logic probably drives the 41 percent of people who don’t negotiate their salaries.

But we work for a long time and this year’s salary is often based on last year’s salary — even when you change jobs. So, that distance can expand over time. ran the numbers for the following two scenarios:


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2 thoughts on “Are you leaving a million dollars on the table?

  1. Great way to show people how a single bad salary negotiation can hurt you over time. I know so many people that take the first offer, and don’t even ask for more.

    I believe that it should be standard practice to ask for more. They expect it, and because of that, they have already offered less than they are really prepared to pay.

    You’re leaving money on the table if you don’t try.

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