Why Not Giving Employees a Raise Can Cost You a Fortune

I receive tons of email (evilhrlady@gmail.com) from people asking how to manage workplace situations. While bad employees are just as prevalent as bad bosses, these people are asking about their bosses. If you see yourself in these emails, stop it!

This employer doesn’t respect talent:

I have a puzzling situation at my job that I don’t know how to approach. Recently, I was in a role where my job re-evaluated and decided that my function and job level should be higher based on my work. With that being said I was re-leveled to one position higher into a role. If I had applied for that position I would have received a 10 percent raise. I was told since I was already in the role I didn’t qualify for the raise.  To me this doesn’t make sense. Even though my salary range increased I was shafted from missing an important raise while moving up the stagnant corporate ladder. Do I have anything I can do?

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