Tell me your office holiday parties

Last year, you all helped me out by telling me the best presents from bosses.

I want to do two articles this year. 1. Best office holiday parties. What worked? What did you enjoy? What made everyone happy?

2. Worst office holiday party. Tell me your nightmares! Who got drunk? Which boss demanded gifts and then gave out dollar store mugs? Either post them here or email me at

If I get enough, it will go up at Inc and your responses will be anonymous.


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6 thoughts on “Tell me your office holiday parties

  1. I’m the company’s “marketing specialist” — meaning that I AM the marketing department, since I’m the only person on staff who can do everything from writing and graphic design to media relations and event planning. One year, the party invitations and company Christmas cards were delayed because top management could not agree on whether to call our event a “Christmas Party” or a “Holiday Party.” I pointed out that, if you have a 12-foot Christmas tree in the lobby and someone playing Santa Claus, it looks pretty much like a Christmas party and you might as well call it that. (Actually, I just wanted everyone to make a decision so I could get the invitations and cards done.) They reluctantly agreed to use the word “Christmas,” but scheduled the party for the first night of Hanukkah. I’m not Jewish, but my husband is, and we do a family menorah lighting each night at sunset during Hanukkah. When I pointed out this conflict, the execs really didn’t see what the problem was. Their sensitivity over calling the event a “Christmas” party was apparently misunderstood or simply intended to make them look like they were being politically correct. Anyway, I was glad I couldn’t attend the party, because my co-workers said it was so cheap, the CEO served water as a beverage. He was on a health kick and didn’t want to offer any drinks with sugar or caffeine. Oy!

  2. Best Christmas Party that I have had is a meal out with all the company, and then whoever wanted to carry onto bars etc was able to to. A meal can go too wrong as it is quite structured, so no one can get too carried away and then the people who go to the bars afterwards are more likely to be the people who don’t mind if everyone is drunk!

    So I think the best Christmas party is one which people can do as they wish, but also brings everyone together.

  3. Worst Christmas party was a pot luck at the boss’s house. There was a sign up sheet with categories of how many salads were needed, desserts etc. So, if your specialty was dessert and there was no longer a needed for one you had to sign up for something else. And then there was the presentation of the gift to the boss by the brownnoser who collected the money for that gift. The best party was when lunch was catered in and the boss picked up the bill. Sadly every place I have worked there was always a collection for the boss’s gift.

  4. Best party – any party during work hours (but only if my workload is actually reduced)

    Worst party – any party after work hours

  5. Best ever was over ten years ago when I worked at a hilarious specialty video store called Yo Video (seriously).

    The owner rented out the top floor of a super hip oyster bar for the entire staff and their plus one’s.

    We got unlimited free drinks and fancy tapas which was awesome, but the best part was that we all really liked hanging out with each other.

    The venue was quiet and intimate so we could chat and really just enjoy each others company.

    Such a lovely memory 😀

  6. I love love LOVE the worst parties/worst gift rec’vd from a boss! I read you regularly but these are the ones that make my heart go pitty-pat. 🙂

    Happy holidays!

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