10 Ways to Show Your Employees You Love Them

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air. And what better way to make your employees happy and productive than to declare your love for them? Notthat kind of love–that’s creepy–but, rather, the platonic love that makes your employees feel cared for and appreciated–that’s your goal for this week.

Here are some suggestions.
1. Make work interesting and challenging.
Seriously. According to a new survey by Virgin Pulse, 58 percent of employees love their job when it’s challenging. Don’t keep all the interesting tasks for yourself, and give your employees stretch assignments. They’ll be happier.

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10 thoughts on “10 Ways to Show Your Employees You Love Them

  1. To add to #3: Be fair and be kind. You may not legally have to accommodate certain things like time off for doctor’s appointments, attending a funeral, or fieldtrips with your kids school, but the ‘nice’ thing to do is rearrange the schedule if possible to allow for coverage so that the employee can do these things when needed. Or when an employee’s child is sick and cannot go to school (and no babysitter/daycare will take the poor vomiting kid), please be nice and allow your employee to take the day off to stay home with him/her. It is also, being nice to the child because all they really want is mommy or daddy to comfort them. Not every employee has kids, but they all have ‘life issues’ that can arise during work time, even if it is to let a furnace repairman into their house, or drop their car off at the mechanic.

    You just have to do it fairly and if you do it for one, you should be doing it for all.

    1. Fairly is the key thing. Some employers are really good about letting mom go to a parent teacher conference, but not letting a childless person take an equal amount of time off for personal matters.

      Be nice is such a great rule!

  2. The human resources department is an absolute joke. Do you realize, that if it weren’t for all the people that you trash talk about, you wouldn’t have a job??? If this were a perfect society, there would be no need for useless women like you. I wish businesses didn’t have to waste money on the HR position, which by the way, the only reason it’s always women, is because The only thing they are good at is being bossy, back stabbing, shady morons.

    1. Whoa! I am sorry that it sounds as though you were done wrong by HR or by women. Many men are in HR, even if you haven’t experienced it yet. Personally, I find that, as a mother (and therefore a woman), I can see and implement ‘fairness’ in the business much easier. I can multi-task, see and weigh all points of view and sides of situations, deal with messy issues (without tossing my own cookies – moms deal with a lot of messy stuff) like hygiene issues, harassment issues, customer complaints, knowing when to give ‘time outs’, etc.. And I can help to keep management on track, especially on employment law issues. Because if a company does not follow employment standards, they can get in a whole bunch of trouble from the government, BBB, etc. Plus, if they didn’t follow the rules they would not be a good company to work for, and would have trouble finding staff. So I help them out with this.

      Some HR people may see their position as a ‘power trip’, but not all of us do. We aren’t ‘fixers’. We can bring issues to your attention and put you on a PIP or suggest how you can do things differently to improve your performance or attitude, but the rest of the work is up to you as the employee. You can choose to improve your attitude to help/keep your job, or not. We can’t do that ‘fixing’ for you. Good luck.

  3. #3 is so true! One thing I like about my current company is that jerks don’t last. We have a no a-hole rule.

  4. What do you think are the most important roles of the department in relation to employees in an organization? Please reply. Thanks.

    1. Serving both the management and employees this is when they should analyze and evaluate the work of employees before they judge their performance and I think owning the people issues, the department should have the responsible of employee concerns.

  5. As an HR personnel, one of the most important role of an HR, is to develop realistic compensation structures that set company wages competitive with other businesses in the area, in the same industry or companies competing for employees with similar skills. Conducting extensive wage and salary surveys to maintain compensation costs in line with the organization’s current financial status and projected revenue.

  6. the most important role of an HR in the organization is that they should be the negotiator and problem solver. The HR looks at the problem, considers the personalities, examine the issues and presents himself as the mediator and problem solver. Through these roles they can gain the ability of trust and confidence of their employees.

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