10 Emails Smart Managers Never Send

I love email. It’s my preferred method of communication for many things-it builds a record, it documents the entire conversation, and it doesn’t require interruptions. I’ll send you an email when I have time, and you send one back when you have time. But, the very thing that makes email fabulous can also make it a pitfall. There are things you should probably never, ever say, but you should really never, ever, ever write them in an email.

1. That candidate is too fat/accented/gay/black/white/whatever. Remember, emails are discoverable in a lawsuit. Additionally, people have a bad habit of accidentally sending confidential emails on to the wrong person. You should never consider any of the above when hiring and writing anything down that even hints that that is a consideration can land your company in a whole lot of hot water. While weight isn’t a protected class in most places, it is in some, and regardless, the question is can the person do the job?

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2 thoughts on “10 Emails Smart Managers Never Send

  1. I’m sure you meant to say that you “cannot” fire someone for being pregnant, not that you “can.”

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